Username(s) CarlitaIsuma
Nicknames Ash,Aka,Orihime,hime-chan,Nico,Cheese,Isabella,
Location Las Vegas,Nevada
Date of Birth Febuary 4th 1992
Role(s) Voice Actress,MusicCreator,Editor,Artist,Stage Actress
Vocal Range medium,Medium-high,Deep,high
Weapon of Choice Frying Pan or a Katana and halberd
Alignment Neutral
Likes Anime,Voice acting,videogames,animals,manga,miso soup,Cepheus,writting,cosplaying
Dislikes annoying people,tea,drugs,alcohol,
Hobbies to many to list

Ashley Mageras Joined Team Cepheus in the middle of october at the time it was called Team Brave Vesperia and been put into the team after talking with a few of the members and being introduced to them by her boyfriend Wesley Bloxsom (Beatblox).At first was not considered a member of the team just a visitor but when Team Cepheus was formed She became a valuable active member that works hard on team projects and producytions.She makes sure people get things done when hosting a projects and can be impatient with people if she hears the same excuse


Ashley is usually quiet,calm,distant,or sometimes shy when coming to meet new people or being in a place she's not comfortable in.When she opens up to people those who have known her a long time learn that she isn't the little innocent girl people would think she would be by first impression,she is actually quite rebellious against certain things and when the going gets tough she won't usually hestitate to do something about it or say something if it's bothering her.she can be very tempermental if someone goes out of their way to make her mad or if someone makes her angry without intetionally trying too.Ashley has a kind and caring side when it comes to those very close to her such as her friends,family,and especially her Boyfriend and will normally worry about them if she knows something is up.She won't tolerate someone who hurts those close to her or has hurt her and normally will do something about it if it is nessary or she'll just move on and not let it get to her.Ashley is smart and has good intentions for Cepheus even if she acts out if she has to,but she does what she can for Team Cepheus in hopes to get everyone involved and working together.Ashley is consifered by one member the only sane female member of the team.


Ashley normally does medius to medium high tone ranges (such as Sophie her main Leading Role from Tales of Graces or as Chloe her main Role in Tales of Legendia).Her vocal range can go from medium,to higher tones or to deeper tones (such as her Roles as Kaine from Nier or Cream from Sonic theHeadgehog).Ashley was in choir for six years through out her middle and highschool year and in such her pitch can be low or high Alto,Soprano II or if she can go sometimes go Soprano I but it's rare to hear her use such a pitch after loosing it her Sophmore year of highschool.


besides her Abilities in Voice acting and Choir,she has done theatre or stage acting since she was nine years old during day camp and stopped for a while til her freshman year of highschool.Ashley has performed in dance routines and has taken part in a mexican dance class when she was 10 for a year but quit after a year for her personal reasons,but she is an all right dancer.Ashley Also knows eveything about the theater like the back of her had such how to work stage lights and Arbor,to getting her way around a cat walk,to knowing what to do in a sound booth and to working a sound board and knowing how to program a light and sound board if someone does't mess with it that messes her up and the safety issues that are needed,this because of her 2 year experience of taking theatre tech class and spending extra time in the theatre on her free times or rehearsals to study the theatre or help out with shows and productions,also makes sure to remember where things are so she can just get it without looking for it or ask.She can also draw not all skilled or the best artist but she can draw by looking at things or get an image in her head and draw to best abilities and works hard to perfect her drawings.Ashley is very Athletic and has been on track and field for four years three years middle school year and one year her sophmore year and has come first place twice and second place twice.she is very skilled at video editting when it comes to Amvs or some tribute cause she puts her emothion in the video and tells a story with it weither viewers realize it or not (such as her tribute to tanner video she made years ago after loosing her friend that was killed and made a vieo to help her get back up and to bring a smile to the family and friends).Ashley is Part of Alderamin Music Branch and makes songs for the Team and raidioplay projects such as Person:Revelations. Ashley has been in a creative wrting class in such she has the abilities to write stories,scripts,and Radioplays as such she is currently in the process of making her own original fantasy novels and scripting an original radioplay. Even though Ashley dedicates her time and Abilities to cepheus her talents lies else where in the world and hopes one day to use her abilities to bring joy and entertainment to people.


Ashley only joined in October.She does consider herself just a member nothing more.Nothing Less.She Acts as the maintenece person on the cepheus channel on youtube cleaning up old messages nd notifications that have been read or really not needed anymore but double checks with jay and members if she is not sure.Ashley is a go with a flow person but can give helpful advice and suggestions to the team when discussing something important


  • Is the maintenence person of the Cepheus youtube channel
  • currently in a relationship with Wesley Bloxsom aka Beatblox
  • Was formerly known as AkaYuay before being known as CarlitaIsuma
  • Has aseperate amv account called AnimevegasFangirl
  • Pew is her intro when greeting everyone it could be considered one of her favorite words or catchphrases
  • Nyuh is a word she normally says when she is flustered,shy,or freaking out from confusion
  • She normally will use a frying pan on a person when they intimidate her or piss her off online
  • Katamari and Raving Rabbids are two of her favorite games besides the "Tales of Series" and will make her extremely hyper.
  • Piplup is one of her most favorite pokemons and normally uses it against D3moVAA to scare him for her amusement
  • Ashley has over a hunder horses she has collected through out her childhood year.
  • Has been stage acting and performng since she was nine weither it was acting,singing,or dancing
  • very klutzy sometimes even if it's not intetional.
  • Whole left side of her body does not cooperate right do to an accident when she was 2 but still pushes herself to to do things

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