Username(s) mosesxsandorx247
Nicknames Cait
Vocal Range

Caitlin Moseley is 15-years old and one of the creative brains of the team. Originally she was the understudy for the first Rita in Brave Vesperia, but she eventually climbed higher and is now well-respected among her friends. Uses a newly gained MXL microphone for recording.


Very bubbly and strange, she enjoys being a Grammar nazi and is overall one of the cutsiest members of the Team. She also prides in being referred to as one of the maturest, and always wants to listen to the other members of the team.


Caitlin's range goes from a high pitched lolita to a middle pitched woman, and though it's rusty can voice young boys as well. Normally though she's always the highly animated young girls.


Horsey- A default ability as common as tackle in Pokemanz.

Creative Writing- Used to entertain other members as well as herself.

Grammar Nazi- "WRONG USE OF YOUR!!!!! >:C"

Cutesy Voice- Her strongest skill, used to bend all others to her will. No matter who they are, her voice woos them. (Not really, shuddup.)


- Rita Mordio in Tales of Vesperia

- Anise Tatlin and Mieu in Tales of the Abyss

- Genis Sage in Tales of Symphonia

- Louise de la Valliere in Zero no Tsukaima

- March in Eternal Sonata

- Shirley Fennes in Tales of Legendia

- Reala in Tales of Destiny 2

- Akari in Miracle Train

-Hanyuu in Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni

-Bouquet in Blue Dragon

Among several others that aren't remembered at this time and place.


  • She's technically speaking the youngest on the Cepheus crew that voice acts.
  • She's constantly changing what she wants to major in: radio broadcasting or creative writing
  • She loves loves loves loves ice cream. More than the average person.
  • Caitlin also hates Mary-Sues. And a girl she knows who makes them constantly....
  • Is a total speech geek.
  • Has an obsession with country music.

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