Regal's Eidolon is a Team Cepheus meme. It was created by Samven and ThePawt. It was created while they and SWard were expressing their disappointment over the final boss of Final Fantasy XIII, which Pawt compared to a "baby face cog surrounded by bagpipes".

Somehow, the topic of conversation turned to Regal Bryant, and the meme was born.

The EidolonEdit

Regal's Eidolon is described as a harem that transforms into a fighter jet made out of biceps.

The Eidolon's special attack sees the plane descend from the sky, firing guns that launch burning megatanks the size of the moon which in turn shoot entire continents as ammunition. The continents fired then split apart into armies of mini-Regals made out of fire, and every time they flex they create earthquakes in the sky. Out of the earthquakes, God Himself appears and creates a gigantic manbra that the real Regal then grabs and uses to piledrive his enemies with.

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