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"Friendship is awesome!"

Username(s) Seraphim Swordmaster
Nicknames Spam, Sammeh, Spammeh, Daddy, Pervy Daddy, The Heart (of Cepheus)
Location England
Date of Birth 11th July 1990
Role(s) Voice Actor, Writer
Vocal Range Medium, Medium-Deep
Weapon of Choice The Power of Friendship
Alignment Lawful Good
Likes Love, Peace, Girls, Good stories
Dislikes Tacked-on Sequels
Hobbies Writing

Sam "Samven" Rowett is one of the original members of Team Cepheus, having been a part of the group since it was known as Brave Vesperia. Because he was originally cast as Raven in Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, most of the members jokingly refer to him as an old man. This is also where his team name comes from; combining his first name with the last three letters of Raven's.



He is easily one of the most competitive members of the team, and is constantly striving to outdo their main rivals: Scattered Alliance. He will occasionally spontaneously declare certain members of the group, usually Seymour, to be his arch rival and express a burning desire to "defeat" them. However, it is important to remember that this aspect of his personality should not be taken seriously. Sam's overwhelming wish to "beat" SA stems not from any genuine malice, but from his belief that having a rival group is actually beneficial; since it encourages one to constantly better themselves, which in turn encourages the other to up their game and keeps the competition going so that everyone is continually pushed. As such, he feels that having a group to compete against is an honour for himself and the team.



As of 2011, Hazama is the role Samven is most known for playing.

The first part that Sam played was Chancellor Usurper in Psyniac's acclaimed 8-bit Theater Chaos. His performance impressed the latter so much that he was called back to perform the role of Sarda, and from then on Sam became more involved in voice-acting.

Because of his deeper tones, Sam was originally typecast as older characters. However, as of 2010, he began to break out of this by trying out for more eccentric, and even outright insane, roles. This eventually culminated in him being cast as Hazama by Six Sage Studios for their BlazBlue fandub. While the project never went ahead, Sam continued to play the character in other fandubs and it has been his signature role ever since.

While he has a great capacity for villains, ranging from smug and sophisticated manipulators to ever-laughing maniacs, he can also pull off hyperactive voices and is gradually starting to develop more "heroic" tones. This eventually paid off in 2011, when, he was cast as Tytree Crowe for the upcoming Tales of Rebirth fandub.





Team CepheusEdit

Sam is a voice-actor for the group, and usually takes the role of a "project instigator". Whenever a new idea is presented, or whenever he has one, he will do what he can to ensure that it gets off the ground and eventually reaches completion. He is also an editor for the team's productions, using iMovie as his video tool of choice.

Garnet StarEdit

Sam is a writer for Garnet Star, and was the architect of their first project's narrative. He has since been working on its script and scenario alongside MosesxSandorx247, who has become an assistant writer for the piece.

Green FlameEdit

Sam has performed as a voice-actor for 8-bit Theater Chaos and has also been the main scenario and script writer for the Green Flame Game, as well as the main designer behind the stats and skills of its characters.


  • Sam has opened up his page to be used by the team as a means of testing out the wiki. He may come to regret this decision.
  • Sam and Leo, from the Wonderland Chess Crew, have
  • Despite wanting to found the Neo-British empire, he is constantly distracted by badfics and studying the origin of Tommy Wiseau's accent at Oxford University.

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