A list of all the memes and in-jokes that apply to Team Cepheus. Please feel free to add any we've missed so far.

  • Jay says Coco/Lobo/Poochie/Wenis.
  • Beatblox wins at everything forever, even things that have not yet been invented or do not exist.
  • heartlessmasquerade says Horsey.
  • Samven doing something that takes "3.8 seconds".
  • Captain Justice and Lady Phoenix: the modern superheroes.
  • Flynn's harem.
  • Anything involving Pawt's biceps.
  • Punching someone in the jeans.
  • Samven, Psy, and Pawt in a plane made of muscle descending from the sky.
  • Cup of Psy/Pawt/Samven.
  • Psy's (insert adjective here) Songs.
  • Aeris is dead.
  • Samven saying "(Something sexual). What? Um. ... PAWT! >_>"
  • Nick is the Butt Monkey.
  • Nick cannot cross the border.
  • Busting ghosts (with muscles).
  • Badfic Night.
  • Forcing random people to read Cloud Mows the Lawn.
  • Samven quoting Braveheart at Leo.
  • ToS: DotNW is like bad fanfiction.
  • Badass Cloud vs. Emo Cloud.

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